Bulk Condoms! "Unwrapping the Condom Conspiracy One Rubber at a Time…"

April 28, 2009

Condom Humor

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"Free Condom"


"Condom truck tips, spills load"


"Insert Baby For Refund"

April 27, 2009

Corporate Condom Slogans

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Save Money by Buying Bulk Condoms Online

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Buying condoms at the drugstore or grocery story can be very expensive. Each condom purchased at one of these typical retail outlets can often cost upwards of $1 apiece. Many people find these drugstore prices to be unreasonably expensive for what is essentially a small piece of thin latex.

The solution to this problem is buying in bulk. Bulk condoms can be purchased online in larger quantities for wholesale prices. Not only can you get the same brands of high-quality condoms that you would in the store — Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Kimono, and others — you can also get them for as little as 6 cents each!

As a consumer, you can’t buy wholesale condoms directly from the manufacturer. Fortunately, Undercover Condoms sells an incredible selection of bulk-packaged condoms at unbeatable per-condom prices. They will ship them to you quickly, in discreet, unmarked packages. Browse their bulk condom selection and check out with the exclusive coupon code UNDERCOVER to save $5 on any order over $30. Free shipping is available, for any order over $29.

Find out what most Universities, Businesses, and Non-Profit Groups already know! Bulk condom sales at Undercover Condoms saves you dough.

These condoms are sold in bulk cases of 1000 for the best prices available. Undercover Condoms also has packages of 36 and 100 available at very inexpensive prices. These are the same high-quality condom brands and styles that you would buy at the store, but for much lower prices. You’ll never have to run to the market again for overpriced condoms!

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